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  Welcome to Yoga for Beginners!

Hello and welcome!

Setting achievable goals is important and I want you to get the absolute best results possible with this training.

So...pick a time (any time that works for you with your schedule) and set it aside to practice the poses listed without interruption. It can be morning, noon or night but make it the same time each practice day. It will get you into a routine that you can look forward to.

How Often You Should Practice...

Daily is optimal and you'll feel results quicker and notice changes starting to happen in your body, as well as in your overall sense of clarity, focus & wellness.

  • 3 Times/Week would be next best if you can't practice daily
  • 2 Times/Week is better than one
  • 1 Time/Week is still good but it's easy to forget the material and you definitely won't see changes quickly but you will most likely notice that you feel better.

How often you practice is up to you but I'd encourage you to go for daily or 3 times/week if at all possible. The poses to practice daily really don't take up much time.

As You Work Through Each Week, try to Add in the Prior Week's Poses...

For example, in week two, start out your practice with the 3 poses to practice in week one then add in week two (this will make 5 poses total you are practicing in week two). This will amp up your practice and ingrain the alignment of the poses in your body & mind, especially if you keep it up until week six.

If that simply doesn't work for you or it's too complicated there is a full practice in week six. You are welcome to add this practice into your week, as it fits, even in the early weeks of practice. It is a full practice from start to finish and incorporates each of the weekly poses to practice plus a little more.

Just remember, if you add this in the early weeks, make sure you know which modifications to take for each pose as alternatives. The final video assumes you know the modifications (because you've been practicing them via the weekly videos & practice sheets) so they aren't the primary focus.